Supporting our Local Schools

Ernie’s is excited to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the Academia Ana Marie Sandoval Elementary School. This school is a unique educational combination of a dual language learning environment (English and Spanish) offered within an authentic Montessori framework in the DPS school system. Their vision is to foster a community of lifelong learners guided by a love of learning, interest and appreciation for other cultures and a desire to create a peaceful world.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing school, please visit their website at

We are also working with an organization called Amigos Del La Academia Sandoval.  This is an independent, non-profit organization associated with Academia Sandoval school.  Their mission is to raise money for the early childhood education program and other education purposes so that Sandoval can deliver a high-quality public education.  They raise money for scholarships, paraprofessional salaries, teacher training, reducing the student/teacher ratio and field trips.

Several fundraising events are coming up if you want to join our effort in supporting a local school in need:

  • Sweet-Heart Dance: February 9th
  • Sandoval Night Live: March 21st
  • Amigo -A-Go-Go (run-a-thon):  May 5th
    Update: Runathon Prize Winner, Josie won a Pizza Party for she and her friends at Ernie’s

To follow this organization, check out their Facebook page:

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We Are Updating

We’re working on a major remodel and renovation of the building. 

Re-opening date hasn’t been set, but we’ll post it as soon as we know it.