Ernie’s Picked as “Hidden Gem” in Denver

Ernie’s has received a couple of fantastic shout outs recently from local publications.  We wanted to take a second to thank them for the recognition!  We are always tickled to get kudos like these:

Sirvo Says: 5 Denver Restaurant Hidden Gems
Whether you’ve just arrived in Denver or have been here for some time, there are a few spots in town that only a few of us know about. Most of these places have been around the Denver scene for some time and if they haven’t, they sure feel like they have. We have compiled a short list of establishments that would be great for entertaining friends from out of town, taking your S.O. to or checking out alone on those days you are feeling adventurous. We present for you, Sirvo Says: 5 Hidden Denver Restaurant “Hidden Gems”.
#3 Ernie’s Bar & Pizza
Established in 1948, Ernie’s Bar & Pizza is a throwback with a contemporary twist. This pizza establishment features fresh made dough and mozzarella that add a unique flavor to their delicious pizza. Selected by the Westword in 2015 as Denver’s Best NY Style Pizza, Ernie’s does not disappoint. Not only do they have 30 beers on tap, but they also infuse their own whiskey. Located in the Sunnyside neighborhood at 2915 W 44th Ave. Denver, CO 80211, Ernie’s is worth the visit for pizza lovers and is a great place to entertain friends or family.

Denver Metro Mom’s Blog: Best Denver Area Pizza
No matter where you live, finding good pizza is a must. Picky kids and foodie adults alike can agree that when nothing else sounds good, pizza is usually sure to hit the spot. And while the mile high city is no New York or Chicago, there’s no shortage of amazing pizza joints. Here are our favorites for Denver area (and surrounding) best pizza.
Ernie’s Bar & Pizza – One of the only pizzerias left in Denver that still makes fresh dough every morning. Along with making their own tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, this restaurant on 44th ave. is one of the local’s favorites.

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