The “Beet Denver Saison Project”

I am so excited to be a part of the 1st ever Eat Denver Brew. Ernie’s and and a few other local restaurants including Avanti, Globe Hall, Blackbird, Root Down/Linger, Chowder Room and Butcher’s Bistro are partnering together to brew a Beet Saison for Harvest week at Ratio Brewing.

Last week we all got together to begin the brewing process. We first tasted the malt that we were going to use and then dumped the bags into the miller that takes off the husks on the outside.  The malt was poured into the 1st kettle where it was washed and rice was added as a natural filter. We then tasted the hops and poured out very small amounts of each to give bittering, or aroma, or flavor. So fun!

Check back and we will keep you posted on our process! See you soon!

img_2069 img_1329 img_1313 saison img_1315

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