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Ernie’s Bar and Pizza Captures a Slice of Sunnyside History

A friend of mine just moved to Sunnyside, where Ernie’s Bar and Pizza at 2915 West 44th Avenue quickly became her neighborhood watering hole, so I had to come check it out with a small posse for happy hour. Outside, the stucco building with orange awnings advertising things like “Beer” and “Pizza” welcomed me in. Inside, the decor was centered on the history of the area and the bar.

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5 Denver Restaurant “Hidden Gems”

Whether you’ve just arrived in Denver or have been here for some time, there are a few spots in town that only a few of us know about. Most of these places have been around the Denver scene for some time and if they haven’t, they sure feel like they have. We have compiled a short list of establishments that would be great for entertaining friends from out of town, taking your S.O. to or checking out alone on those days you are feeling adventurous.

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Best Denver Area Pizza : A Complete Guide

No matter where you live, finding good pizza is a must. Picky kids and foodie adults alike can agree that when nothing else sounds good, pizza is usually sure to hit the spot. And while the mile high city is no New York or Chicago, there’s no shortage of amazing pizza joints. Here are our favorites for Denver area (and surrounding) best pizza.

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