A Little Help

Come and hear how you can be a little help to a senior in our community.  A Little Help is a non-profit organization set up to lend a helping hand to our local seniors.  All you do is sign up and an email goes out daily.  You can choose to help or not if you don’t have time that day.  This is not a health care program of any kind – it’s simply lending a hand to drive someone to the store, move a box in their house, change a light bulb they can’t reach – it’s that simple.  We hope to see you this Thursday, August 10th, at Ernie’s from 6-8pm, or log on to www.alittlehelp.org


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We Are Updating

We’re working on a major remodel and renovation of the building. 

Re-opening date hasn’t been set, but we’ll post it as soon as we know it.