Ernie’s feels that there’s nothing more important than the community in which we live.  Ernie’s is committed to being a part of the community- especially where we can support children’s programs.  

Here’s what we do:

We will set up a date where you can invite guests to Ernie’s and in return, we will contribute 15% of the total sales to your school or school program.  It’s not only simple, it’s rewarding!

Here’s what you do:

Send an email to Ernie’s Marketing Director, Kirsten Becker at to schedule your fundraiser.


Be sure to set up your fundraiser with plenty of time for people to plan for it.  Once we have the date determined, we will email you a flyer to advertise your fundraising event.  It’s up to you to get the word out and market your event.  Be sure to circulate the flyer to as many faculty and parents in your school as possible.  Remember- the more people in attendance at your fundraiser, the greater success you will have! 
Flyers must be presented on the evening of your fundraiser.

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Specials & Promos

Specials & Promos

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